This is a privacy policy that governs the running of the website 'Top 10 criminal checks' where it determines on how the website collects information, uses, maintains and even is able to disclose information that is obtained from the website; ("the Site"). This page will inform you of our policy on information that we receive from the users of this Site.

Informational Use

While you use our website, you may be required to give personally identifiable information which we can use to communicate or even know you better. This data will be comprised of your details or even data ("Personal information")

Log Data

Like many other website operators, we will obtain the data or information that is sent by your browser site such that we can be able to do a background check on your website data ("Log data"). The computer's IP (Internet Protocol) address, type of browser, would wish to visit, exact that you choose to visit, as well as other statistics.

In addition to that, we may also use other means, monitor and evaluate the information as collected from the best background check website. This also enables us to do a background check on your data and easily be able to get your full information.


We may opt to to contact you through background check newsletters, marketing, promotional materials, as well as other kinds of information that can enable us to exchange information in the best ways possible. We may use this platform to either contact you through emails, newsletters among other sources.


Cookies on this website refer to files with small data amount, unique and anonymous identifier. They will be extracted from a website and finally stored to your machine or computer disk.
Similar to many other websites, we may opt to use cookies for obtaining of your personal data. There is a means that you can make your browser opt to reject all cookies or even detect when they are sent. However, if you opt to reject the cookies, then there is a high possibility that you may fail to view some of the content that is displayed on our website.


We really value your data and/or informationon this background check site . However, there is no guaranteed means of online storage over the web or even electronic means that can be said to be 100% secure. This is because we cannot guarantee of a total absolute security.

Commencing of the policy

This policy will be effective as of 28th September 2016, where it will be in effect and get to be active unless there are any emergency changes that may arise in the future, and hence will begin immediately this page is posted.

We reserve all the rights to either update or even alter the contents of this policy any time. As a user, you can opt to check it of changes every now and then, since we may alter or update the terms of use towards your agreement with the background check website as well as the set permissions. This service will also constitute your acknowledgments of the modifications made as well as the consent to be held by the privacy policy.

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Feel free to contact us in the case of any queries or additional information that you may have.
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