A background check otherwise termed as background investigation is a process of looking up a person or organization, putting together their criminal, commercial and financial records. The purpose of the background checks include employment screening for applicants seeking positions that require high security or trust. Employers use checks to judge the applicant's character based on their past mistakes. The background check may be administered by government agencies at a nominal fee as well as by private companies.

BeenVerified was founded by Ross Cohen and Josh Levy in 2007 but launched its first television advertisment in 2008. In 2013, Inc Magazine named the site as the private company that grew fastest in New York City. This site is governed by a mission to enable its users to discover, comprehend and use public data in daily living.

This background check company provides the users with criminal background information and people search services through This kind of information is provided at a cost.

BeenVerified background check tool uses background methods that are traditional coupled with social networking and Web 2.0 to provide information requested by a user. In order to find out about someone, BeenVerified users type in the email address or name and the required information comes up from public records plus other private databases that contain public records. While using the apps discussed earlier, the user types the name or email address of the person they are checking; the special feature is that in this case, the user can get information on anyone in their contact list.

The beauty of this tool is that it has a provision to opt out for any individual who does not want their information on the site. Irregardless of its great ability to provide a wide range of information it has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


•BeenVerified is easy to use as it simplifies the access of public records by aggregation of information from public records of multiple sources thus offering a background check service that is one-stop.
•It's affordable providing subscription plans that start from as low as ten dollars a month as well as free iPhone, iPad and android applications.
•It is fast offering a wide service variety some of which can be completed in a few seconds. The software in use provides fast acess to public records available online providing results in a few minutes.
•It's responsive hence quite focused on customer services with live customer support available on a daily basis.


Gone are the days of information hunger for a new rich information era is upon us with the power of its exploitation in our hands. BeenVerified background check is definitely the place to go when in need of information.
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